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3 Ways DJ Skee Used His Passion To Create More Revenue Streams

January 12, 2017

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3 Ways DJ Skee Used His Passion To Create More Revenue Streams

January 12, 2017



3 Ways DJ Skee Used His Passion To Create More Revenue Streams


DJ Skee is very well known in the Hip-Hop game and he has been grinding for years to get to his current point. Although he got his foot in the industry by djing for years he is now at the forefront of pop culture. Skee has been recognized by Forbes and Billboard Magazine as one of the most influential figures in today’s entertainment business. It all started with a passion for music and an incredible ability to leverage his way through the business world. Ya boy is makin’ boss moves out here!


We actually had the opportunity to work with Skee TV through a licensing situation. Our music was featured on a few of Skee TV’s broadcasts like this one for the Games 33rd Birthday party... Check out our record Get Slow playing in the background—> 




Here are 3 ways DJ SKEE used his passion to create more revenue streams:


Dash Radio

Through his platform he founded the biggest, all original digital, broadcast platform in the world, Dash Radio. Dash Radio came about due to DJ Skee’s ability to leverage his public influence and his behind the scenes connections. He took two assets that he already possessed and made them work together to create something new and even more powerful. This is the type of creativity that it takes to have longevity as an entrepreneur.



DJ Skee is also owner of a clothing store in the LA area called “Tradition”. We got a chance to check it out last year when we were in town for Grammy week (slight flex lol). They have a lot of high end urban wear that is not only dope but also pricey (Cha Ching $$$). Again he leveraged his influence by attaching his name to a clothing brand thus creating a new stream of income. This process can be duplicated a million times as long as you're creative enough to see the vision.


Digital Marketing

Through his love for music Skee was also able to showcase his digital marketing ability. He is responsible for T-Mobile, Google Android, and The Chrysler 300 marketing campaigns. Skee is a wise man. He understands that multiple streams of revenue are important because no business venture lasts forever (especially in entertainment) so you have to continuously reinvent yourself. This is something we have modeled our business after.


We tune into Skee often because he always has words of wisdom for people hustling to become successful. Being entertainers/entrepreneurs makes it even more enjoyable for us. He has laid a blueprint for all hustlers to follow. The biggest thing to take away from this is to leverage your current platform to create more opportunities.


If you're struggling to grow your business, or are just looking for new ideas to expand it, your best bet is to find someone in a similar industry. Someone who has leveraged their career to a level that you want for yourself. Study the steps that they took in order to get there, then simply infuse those strategies into your business. Remember, success leaves clues.

This has been 3 ways DJ Skee used his passion to create more revenue streams

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